Generating Visual Story Graphs with Application to Photo Album Summarization
Journal Article
Abstract Making sense of ever-growing amount of visual data available on the web is difficult, especially when considered in an unsupervised manner. As a step towards this goal, this study tackles a relatively less explored topic of generating structured summaries of large photo collections. Our framework relies on the notion of a story graph which captures the main narratives in the data and their relationships based on their visual, textual and spatio-temporal features. Its output is a directed graph with a set of possibly intersecting paths. Our pro- posed approach identifies coherent visual storylines and exploits sub-modularity to select a subset of these lines which covers the general narrative at most. Our experimental analysis reveals that extracted story graphs allow for obtaining better results when utilized as priors for photo album summarization. Moreover, our user studies show that our approach delivers better performance on next image prediction and coverage tasks than the state-of-the-art.

title={Generating Visual Story Graphs with Application to Photo Album Summarization},
author={Bora Celikkale and Goksu Erdogan and Aykut Erdem and Erkut Erdem},
journal={Signal Processing: Image Communication},